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Hiking-Paradise Southeifel

Wanderparadies Südeifel

Unaffected natural landscapes. Sharp-edged Rocks,
species-rich mixed woodlands.

Numerous varied moving routes start directly at the hotel and can be walked so completely without car or bus. Six daily routes and four half daily routes lead by the species-rich mixed woodlands in an adventurous rock landscape.

Historical certifications from the time of the Celts into the recent past, fantastic views into the Prümtal with its characteristic fruit meadows and the hop fields unique in the Eifel... this makes the moving routes a genuine nature and culture experience.

Gladly an experienced moving leader guides you on your route. Free moving route suggestions and numerous moving maps you will receive in the tourist office Irrel.

Barbecue in the nature

You would not renounce a mad barbecue pleasure on your moving route? We offer to you a complete Barbecue in a forest hut at your moving route. You can enjoy wholeheartedly.

We serve:
noodle salad, slaw, Steaks & Sausages
- plus a beverage of your choice

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