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Guided tours

Guided tours

Guided tours and sightseeing

Faithfully the slogan "seeing, touching & joining “ Interesting for knowledge-thirsty.

Bitburger brewery

- visit & guided tour with tasting (15 km)

Villeroy & Boch

- ceramic- & porcelain-museum Mettlach (61 km)

Naturerkundungsstation Teufelsschlucht, Ernzen

- museum of countryside, house of chaise, apiary (4 km)

Gaytalpark, Körperich

-ecologiacal-experience-center (23 km)

Schistous-mine, Fell

- guided tours through the the closed mine Fell (38 km)

Gerolsteiner Brunnen

- visit & guided tour through the Gerolsteiner sparkling-water-factory (54 km)

alumna bell-foundry Mabilon, Saarburg

- visit & guided tour(44 km)

bell-foundry Mark, Brockscheid

- visit & guided tour (79 km)

Historical mustard mill Monschau

- guided tour, Wine tasting & delicious with mustard (101 km)

Distillery Wagner, Irrel

- visiting & liquor tasting (1 km)

Diekircher brewery, Diekirch

- visit & and guided tour with tasting (LU, 33 km)


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